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Thank you for your service!

The Udder Culture is proud to support our Troops!!  The photographs below were submitted for display on the “Wall of Honor” at our shop.  We are more than happy to display a new or replacement photo.  To submit one, go to our Udder Culture Facebook page**.  Click on the message button under the sandwich profile picture, attach a photo and tell us a little bit about the person so we can include that information.


**  Please note that there is a Facebook page that was created several years ago by former employees of the Udder Culture which we were not able to gain access to, so we created another “official” page.  Please be sure to post your message and photo on the Facebook page that has the frozen yogurt and sandwich profile photos.

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IMG_3122sb IMG_3123s IMG_3124s

Thad Mills – National Guard Bootcamp – 2000

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