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Cold Drinks

Yogurt Shake$4.50 add $1.50 for toppings

16 oz yogurt shake.  Choose from the yogurt flavors of the day.

Fountain Soda$2.00

Fountain Soda (with refills) (Fountain Flavors:  Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Sierra Mist &...


20 oz bottle of Sobe (various flavors available)

Sparkling Apple Juice$2.50

10 oz bottle of Martinelli’s brand Sparkling Apple Juice.

Fruit Juice$2.50

Various flavors of fruit juice (Dole or Ocean Spray)

Bottled Water$1.75

A cold bottle of good old refreshing H2O

Freshly Brewed Ice Tea$1.50

Freshly Brewed (unsweetened) Ice Tea

2% Milk$1.75

16 ounce bottle of cold 2% Milk.  It does a body good!