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Grandma’s Bread Pudding$2.00

Treat yourself to our newest menu item. Our Bread Pudding tastes just like grandma’s and...


Your choice of muffin from our pastry case (cold or warmed).

Frozen Yogurt Regular Cone$3.00

A regular “cake” cone filled with our frozen yogurt or sorbet. Choose from Lowfat, Nonfat...

Frozen Yogurt Waffle Cone$3.50 - Small or $4.50 - Large

A scrumptious waffle cone filled with our outstanding and “good for you” frozen yogurt. Choose...

Frozen YogurtSee List

Size        Yogurt Price            With Regular Topping    ...

Brownie Delight$5.50

Our brownie delight will be a dessert you won’t forget.  We’ll smother a brownie in...


Try our chewy, fudgy, secret recipe brownies.  They could become your favorite chocolate!

Banana Split$6.00

A ripe banana covered with 10 oz of frozen yogurt and your choice of hot...